B*Hands Thailand

Introduction to Resellers

B*Hands Thailand is Thailand’s Authorized Distributor of B*Hands Wedding Invitations, a globally recognized leader in the industry. We provide support and distribution services of prefabricated laser cut wedding invitations, printed and unprinted, to wedding industry professional and retailers across Thailand.

We Need Resellers

We are reaching out to wedding card makers, retailers and wedding shops across Thailand. If you would like to offer new time saving options and exotic cards to your clients, we’re just a phone call away.

We Support Resellers

B*Hands Thailand strives to support our resellers by offering a number of embedded and available services.

  • Print Services
  • Customization Services
  • Marketing
  • Dealer Location On Our Website
  • Yearly Catalog Updates

Yearly Updates

B*Hands is constantly updating its inventory with new card designs and innovations each year. As new cards hit the market, B*Hands Thailand will keep the resellers in our territory up to date by sending out new catalogs as soon as they are available.


B*Hands invitations are alluring enough to meet the expectations of refined clientèle, with prices set to engage the broader market segment of the more modest and frugal. B*Hands Thailand has a large selection of prefabricated invitations of such exquisite quality that pictures cannot do justice.


If you would like samples, please contact us to register your business. We’ll send you a selection of cards to review. Once you are satisfied, and we know you will be, call us again to set up a dealer account and receive a bound catalog with our entire collection of current stock. If you need cards sooner, simply review our stock on this website and call in your request. We currently accept payment via wire transfer only.

Show – Print – Deliver

Why choose prefabricated cards?

  • Selection

Clients are presented with a modest selection of quality invitations. This makes it simpler and less confusing for the client when compared to deciding on a custom card designed and built from scratch.

  • Speed of Delivery

Prefabricated cards require less crafting than custom invitations, thereby providing a shorter life cycle from the moment you engage your customer to delivery. Clients simply choose a card set and provide wedding details for the final print.

  • Lower Cost

Prefabricated cards help you reach a larger market segment by providing high quality laser cut invitations at lower prices.

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