Embossed is a category of wedding invitations designed to help shoppers find cards with raised designs, lettering, and edges.

Embossing, like letterpress (de-bossing), is one of the oldest, and most sought after, printing methods to date. Embossing is a printing process in which an impression is made on the paper. Most noteworthy, the impression is raised from the flat surface of the paper rather than being pressed in. Furthermore, in many cases, the embossed area is foiled stamped. As a result, the reflective property of the foil provides greater emphasis to the subject or area. In addition, it helps to highlight the details in the raised areas.

At B*Hands, you’ll find that we have used more than one combination of printing methods to create our unique designs. Most notably, we use embossing, and laser cutting, embellishments such as ribbons and strings.

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