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B*Hands Thailand provides premium laser cut wedding invitations to couples, resellers, and wedding shops. We are the Authorized Wholesale Distributor of B*Hands Wedding Cards in Thailand, offering full service printing and low minimum order quantities.  Our wedding invitations are pre-fabricated and laser cut to save time and money. Blank or printed wedding invitations are delivered to your home or business.

Why Choose B*Hands

The perfect wedding invitation should reflect the style, personality, and uniqueness of the person sending it. It should convey special sentiment and messages about the occasion. And because it tells something about you, your partner, and sometimes your family, your wedding invitation deserves the attention and dedication you can expect from our team. We don’t just offer wedding invitations to proudly share with your closest family and friends. We provide timeless keepsakes that you can cherish and adore. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a prestigious wedding invitation.

Attention to Detail

Every aspect from conception to design to a final product requires care and a keen eye for details, and sometimes mistakes. B*Hands and their affiliates go to great lengths to ensure you receive the card you expect.

Elegant Works of Art

At the heart of anything inspirational is emotion. Every card we create is intended to bring forth a little something from the beholder, and the creators. Elegant works of art begin with our designers, are created by our craftsmen, and adored by our clients.

The Finest Materials

B*Hands uses only the finest materials to create and embody an enduring quality, feel and appearance for each invitation and card set. We strive to create timeless keepsakes.

The Best Craftsmen

There are many aspects involved in the creation of a single card. To ensure our designs are met with precise detail, we retain some of the best craftsmen and printing professionals in the business.

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